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Nobile 1942 Chypre 1942

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Nobile 1942 Chypre 1942
Nobile 1942 Chypre 1942
Codice FCH101-
Brand Nobile 1942
Collezione Spring-Summer 2017
105.01 €


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Languid like a lion returning from hunting, Anna comes into the house and collapses in his thoughts, enveloped by a cloud of cigarette smoke and vapors of Chypre. Chypre 1942 and dedicated to Anna, a woman full of life and faith in the possibility of Destiny, who loves to read and observe the stars, as well as watch the sun rise, staring at his deep gaze eastward. It is not the conventional life-style, with natural Anna overwhelms those around her in a storm of instinctive charm and character. It can not be so even the conventional way of dressing, ornament and perfume. Its originality, when combined with the refinement, the crown and perfection of her figure perfectly attractive, which Chypre 1942 gives an aura of femininity imperious.

Top Note - Bergamot, mandarin, orange blossom
The Heart - tuberose, jasmine, damask rose, benzoin
Base notes - vanilla, amber, tonka bean, sandalwood
Mysore, patchouli

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