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Nobile 1942 Lavanda Nobile

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Nobile 1942 Lavanda Nobile
Nobile 1942 Lavanda Nobile
Codice LAV201-
Brand Nobile 1942
Collezione Spring-Summer 2017
96.00 €


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An olfactory memory and emotional.
Representative of many fragrances for years, had only ever worn one: it was a classic lavender, long out of production. The only scent that could "dress up"his person agreeing with his character. Had persisted throughout the past, on his pillow, opening her closet and one of its drawers. In each season. Just that. I will never know if the fragrance would replace its NOBLE LAVENDER Lavender.
But he was created and I want to dedicate him.

Massimo Nobile

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